Gregor A. Mayrhofer


Zwischenstücke: Souffle, Nature, Industrial

for Saxophone-Trio

9:00 min.

Ssax, Altsax, Barsax

UA: 14.09.2013, Forseti Saxophon Quartett, WDR Studio Köln

Souffle — Nature — Industrial


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These pieces were composed as kind of intermezzi in between Mendelssohn’s “Songs without words”. They shall be like transitions in a dream, which suddenly lose their concrete shape and their logic to take an own direction into another sound world.
The Songs of Mendelssohn (could be played by piano or even by saxophone trio) shall always be played directly attaca after or before these intermezzi to really link the two aesthetic worlds.

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14.09.2013 WDR Funkhaus Köln