Insurrection Comic

for Big Band

10:00 min.

UA: 10.12.2009 Musikhochschule München, Ensemble Octopus, Dir: Hildegard Schön

2 Asax / 2 TSax / BarSax
3 Tp. / 3 Tbn / BTbn
Guit. / Kl. / KB (amplified)
Drums / Perc. (Bongos, Congas, Woodblock, Triangel)

“Inspired by a visit of a concert, I had a vision of a comic scene with a little dictator tyrannizing his people until they start a revolution.
While composing, I was interested in the main question: Who gives the commands, who has to obey? The composer, the conductor, or the musician himself?
I was looking for a space between determination and liberty, between composition and improvisation, between dictatorship and anarchy.” — Gregor A. Mayrhofer

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